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Each locale should have a forum thread in this subforum following this template for the first post:

Title: {language-shortcode} - {native language name}


[b]{language-shortcode}[/b] ({english language name}) translation team. PM an admin or mod to join the team!
[b]Translators:[/b] {translators}
[b]Reviewers:[/b] {reviewers}
Please follow our translation guidelines: [wiki]l10n:guidelines[/wiki].

The text in the curly brackets ({}) are placeholders. They should be used in the following matter:

Placeholder Description Example
{language-shortcode} Shortcode of the language de
{native language name} Name of the language in the language Deutsch
{english language name} Name of the language in english German
{translators} Comma separated list of translators Lukas_Skywalker, freaktechnik, rsjtdrjgfuzkfg
{reviewers} Comma separated list of reviewers Lukas_Skywalker, freaktechnik, rsjtdrjgfuzkfg

If the language already has further guidelines, please add them to the post.

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