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Install Transifex client (may need sudo):

pip install git+

Make a nightingale-l10n folder and go into it:

mkdir nightingale-l10n && cd nightingale-l10n

Initialize Host: (username and password will be asked and store in ~/.transifexrc)

tx init --host=

Initialize project structure:

tx set --auto-remote --file-filter="locales/<lang>/songbird/%(name)s"

Initialize project structure (add-on example):

tx set --auto-remote --file-filter="chrome/locale/<lang>/%(name)s"

Pull source files (en-US):

tx pull -s

Pull all translations without replacing empty strings by en-US:

tx pull -a --mode=skipped

or just one with:

tx pull -l LANG_CODE

Push source files (en-US):

tx push -s

Push all translations:

tx push -t

or just one with:

tx push -t -l LANG_CODE

For nightingale-hacking here is what we will do :

cd nightingale-hacking-test
# init .tx config
tx init --host=
# set projectname & path
tx set --auto-remote --file-filter="locales/<lang>/songbird/%(name)s"
# pull source files
tx pull -s -f


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