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Currently as a part of Firefox OS, Mozilla is building a music application based on HTML5 technologies on the interface side called “Gaia”. This webapp is currently designed for mobile.

One cool thing would be to get this application to work as a desktop/tablet application.

Majors issues currently are :

  • Codecs (which will be resolved with GStreamer implementation),
  • File System access (which can be solved using XULRunner)
  • No API yet (so not allowing add-ons)

Links :

A podcast client is also developed:


GStreamer is available but not enabled by default. When building with –enable-gstreamer parameter, Firefox have access to system GStreamer allowing playing media other than WebM, ogg, wav.

XULRunner have already file system IO access, while Firefox currently doesn't have it yet.

See :

Firefox Mobile

On Mobile, Mozilla is using OpenMAX (omx) backend, allowing playing H.264/AAC/MP3

Firefox OS

Same as Fx Mobile for media playing backend

Device Storage can be accessed.


I was thinking of first designing support for web-radios, then implementing other features.

Features that we should have :

  • Add-ons : could be done using .js files just like GreaseMonkey scripts
  • Playlists
  • Lyrics
  • Transfer songs (Folders/MSC/MTP)
  • Web Radios
  • Skins ← focus on a native by default + others
  • L10n
  • API
  • Podcasts
  • Services
  • Metadata editor
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