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Warning : this page is experimental and doesn't reflect the actual space-time continuum.

HTML5 app

Currently as a part of Firefox OS, Mozilla is building a music application based on HTML5 technologies on the interface side called “Gaia”. This web app is designed currently for mobile.

One cool thing would be to get this application to work as a desktop/tablet application.

Majors issues currently are :

  • Codecs (which will be resolved with GStreamer implementation),
  • File System access (which can be solved using XULRunner)
  • No API yet (so not allowing add-ons)

Streaming platform

To stream both audio/movies.

Other ideas

  • Nightingale Desktop (currently based of Songbird and XULRunner 1.9.2.x)
  • Nightingale Mobile (HTML5 WebApp)
  • Nightingale Web Server (based on node.js ?)

Combine the 3 !

  • On mobile → access media files from your currently opened desktop Nightingale or on your own server.
  • On desktop → access locals media files + your own server
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