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The social aspects are important for a product like Nightingale. This page tries to show the possible channels of social interactions, the user could do with music in Nightingale.


Services:, Facebook,

Purpose: uhm, no special… Just sharing with friends (and none will look at it)


Services: Facebook,

Purpose: highlight a track, to show it to your friends in your long scrobbling list or as reminder for yourself, that you like the track.


Services: Twitter, Facebook

Purpose: really recommend a track to your friends, maybe write a comment to it. This is more fun with a link where you can listen the track. We need to divide between two cases:

  1. Song is from an external library with public playback → post link to public playback webpage (Spotify,, SoundCloud) → needs something like a “webURL” property, since sharing the stream URL is senseless.
  2. Song only exists local (no “webURL” property) → generate link to music video from youtube


Services: WordPress, Tumblr, Blogspot

Purpose: ability to write down an album review, or artist evolution for example.

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