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Like Songbird, we are shipping add-ons based on services.


(Both old and new API) currently using Nightingale API key SB Bug 24937 (for Scrobbling 2.0 Implementation)

Songkick (Concerts)

Currently using Nightingale API key, broken for now.


Waiting Request approval - currently using a system that doesn't rely on API key.


Tasks :

  • Fork on GitHub
  • Replace the API key
  • Get it to build with the current NG environment
  • Check for any Songbird branding replacement
  • Upload it
  • Improve it

Flickr (mashTape)

Currently using Nightingale API key

Last.FM (mashTape)

Currently using Nightingale API key, Songbird is using an old expired key, see SB Bug 25938

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