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Like Songbird, we are shipping add-ons based on services. ====== Last.FM ====== (Both old and new API) currently using Nightingale API key [[|SB Bug 24937]] (for Scrobbling 2.0 Implementation) ====== Songkick (Concerts) ====== Currently using Nightingale API key, broken for now. ====== SHOUTcast ====== Waiting Request approval - currently using a system that doesn't rely on API key. ====== SoundCloud ====== Tasks : * Fork on GitHub * Replace the API key * Get it to build with the current NG environment * Check for any Songbird branding replacement * Upload it * Improve it ======Flickr (mashTape)====== Currently using Nightingale API key ======Last.FM (mashTape)====== Currently using Nightingale API key, Songbird is using an old expired key, see [[|SB Bug 25938]]

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