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Open Stage

Open Stage is the very unrevealing codename of a project to promote independent artists. It unifies the appearance of our screenshots and also gives an artist a bit of publicity. Every release has a new artist assigned to it. Each artist can only participate once (for ever?).

The artist's benefits

  • Release Codenamed after him
  • Little portrait and promotion in the release blogpost
  • Promoted on the first run page
  • A song of the artist visibly playing on every screenshot of us on the website (release blogpost, frontpage screenshots, promotional screenshots in future press section)
  • A song visibly playing in the Facebook timeline header
  • We will distribute the album as a web playlist on the firstrun
  • It's completely free

Our benefits

  • A more unified appearance across screenshots
  • Something to write about in release blogposts
  • A cool release naming system
  • We can show Nightingale's web skills on the firstrun page as we have some music.
  • Maybe a little bit of promotion by the artist?

What the artist needs to have

  • The album we promote needs to be available under a free license (see at the bottom of the paragraph) or public domain (ideally with something like CC0).
  • the album needs to contain at least 4 songs but can be a special album for Nightingale (non-free songs can be omitted)
  • The album must be available for no money. Optional payment / donations are ok.
  • The available audio quality should be at least mp3 with 192kbps or similar.
  • The album needs to be playable in Nightingale.
  • If the audio format allows tags, the songs should be properly tagged
  • The song / album needs to have an awesome cover (the devs will decide what is awesome. But just some solid color + text isn't. Also no Comic Sans)
  • Submit to our form (subforum will get created once we got the rules ready)

A free license is: or any CC license. If your license is similar to CC but not listed we might still approve the submission.

What we need to do

  • Provide add-ons for the store the artist sells his music with (rsjtdrjgfuzkfg: for now a link is fine, as we don't have the ressources)(Done, currently available: Amazon, Beatport, Bandcamp)
  • Get the first run page ready
  • Get more rules on how we decide the releases artist
  • Write to some artist initially to kick it off (List of community suggested artist)
  • Create a form to register as an artist
  • Write a blogpost to artists and explain what they need to do in order to be promoted
  • Get stats how many users / downloads we REALLY have ( we need to push out a release for that first, I guess)
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