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 +The current DLNA implementation of Songbird is closed-source,​ this article will cover an attempt to make an open source add-on for distributing media using DLNA.
 +[[https://​​projects/​minidlna/​|MiniDLNA]] seems a good candidate, it's working on Linux and [[https://​​projects/​minidlna/​forums/​forum/​879956/​topic/​4397860|it will on Windows]].
 +[[http://​​viewvc/​minidlna/​minidlna/​minidlna.conf?​view=markup|Config file]] is quite simple.
 +We could recompile MiniDLNA and ship it in as an add-on then fill config file with an user interface.
 +[[http://​​viewvc/​minidlna/​minidlna/​icons.c?​view=markup|icons.c]] should be filled with Nightingale logo.
 +On Windows we will ship binary, on Linux we can both ship binary and allow user to configure minidlna if already installed.
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