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We should make a dashboard to track different things :

Site availability

If our website is up or not.

Things that depends on website for Nightingale : add-ons and langpacks. Maybe we could host them to GitHub instead ?


To track if nightly was build or not and give more information

Number of downloads

We should retrieve number of downloads from

Feather upgrade

Do something like Mozilla does for Firefox interface to track changes needed on the user interface.

Global features request

Track what we don't support yet, or what add-ons can do to fill gaps.

L10n status

Babelzilla will likely provide statistics on localization completion when it will be hosted.

Projects progression

Track projects progression using GitHub issues and milestones.

Market use

Track what players people use on desktop, gather some statistics (OS, players…)


Keep track of SB bugs we have fixed. Mainly using the nightingale metabug.

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