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==== Add-on ==== An add-on is a module that add a feature or a skin to Nightingale. Add-ons are downloadable from our add-ons page. One add-on have an .xpi file extension. ==== API ==== Stand for Application Programming Interface ==== DevTools ==== Stand for developer tools. ==== Feather ==== A feather is a skin add-on for Nightingale. The default feather is called "Coppery". Feather are composed by XUL, CSS and PNG files. ==== Featherweight ==== An add-ons hosting platform developed in PHP. It's still in development. ==== Firstrun ==== We call firstrun the process when you launch Nightingale for the first time (in fact with a new fresh profile). During this firstrun you can choose your language, some add-ons and also the path to look for songs. ==== Gecko ==== Gecko is a free and open source layout engine used in Nightingale and Firefox. ==== GitHub ==== GitHub is a web-based hosting service for software development projects that use the Git revision control system. The Nightingale project is hosted on GitHub. ==== GStreamer ==== GStreamer is the back-end library that handle playback of songs and videos. ==== IRC ==== Internet Relay Chat, more info here. ==== I18n ==== Stand for Internationalization ==== Jar ==== A jar file is basically a zip file in Nightingale, it contains files from the application. You can compile Nightingale without files being compressed in jar files. See [[ngale-feather#development]]. ==== i686 ==== This represent 32-bits processors. ==== L10n ==== Stand for Localization === MSC ==== Stand for Mass-Storage Class. (Accessing files from an USB devices in the classic way) ==== MTP ==== Stand for Media Transfert Protocol. Developed by Microsoft. (Accessing files from a software layer) ==== Nightly ==== A nightly is a version of the software compiled every night with latest changes. ==== POTI ==== Pioneers of the Inevitable, original company who started Songbird development. ==== RDF ==== RDF files are XML files, for Nightingale it's use as add-ons install files. ==== Taglib ==== Taglib is the library that handle meta-data tags of songs. ==== x86_64 ==== This represent 64-bits processors (compatible with 32-bits) ==== XML ==== Extensible Markup Language ==== XPI ==== XPInstall (Cross-Platform Install) is a technology used by XUL-based applications for installing Mozilla extensions that add functionality to the main application. ==== XUL ==== XML User Interface Language ==== XULRunner ==== XULRunner is a runtime environment developed by the Mozilla Foundation to provide a common back-end for XUL-based applications. Nightingale is based on XULRunner.

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