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   git commit   git commit
   git push origin my-branch -f   git push origin my-branch -f
 +  ​
 +===== Alternative Method =====
 +  git rebase -i HEAD~2
 +  git push
 +Replace 2 with the number of commits backwards from where you are you want to include in your possible squashing. The -i flag allows you to pick what to do with each commit. If you've already pushed the commit to squash to the main repo, you shouldn'​t squash it in the first place, as it will mess up other people'​s local copies. If you've already pushed a squashed commit to a personal remote, you will have to force push the changes to your remote, as the commit has disappeared and a new one was added in its place.
 ====== Rebase instead of merge ====== ====== Rebase instead of merge ======
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