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Differences between Songbird and Nightingale

Basic Info Songbird Nightingale
Current theme Pink Martini (grey/pink) with custom borders Blue Monday (blue) with native borders
Last public version 2.2 1.12.1
Last partners version 1.11.1 N/A
Version in dev No 2.0 and 1.12.2
Users space GetSatisfaction Nightingale Forums
Goodies No more Stickers
Windows Yes (XP, Vista, Seven) 32-bits
Mac OS X Yes 32-bits
GNU/Linux No Yes 32 and 64-bits
Android App Yes (closed-source) No more available No
iOS App Yes (closed-source) No more available No
Facebook App Yes (closed-source) No more available No
Web App Yes (closed-source) No more available No
Partners No more No
Motto «Play the Web», «Connecting fans everywhere», «Effortless Music Discovery» «The tune of life, the tune of yours»
Owners POTI, SF Nightingale Community
Development Songbird Nightingale
Mozilla Framework version for public version XULRunner XULRunner and on Windows
Mozilla Framework version for version in dev XULRunner and 9.0.1
GStreamer libraries Bundled for each OS Bundled for Windows & Mac, using system for Linux
Add-ons platform Developed in Ruby, closed source In development in PHP
Unique ID
Namespace «songbird»
Localization tool Translate (self-hosted and written in Ruby) and currently down Babelzilla and GitHub
Version Control System SVN (self-hosted) and currently down Git (at GitHub)
Bug tracker Bugzilla (self hosted) and currently down GitHub and Wiki
Code Search OpenGrok (self hosted) and currently down OpenGrok (self hosted)
Wiki MindTouch (self hosted) and currently down DokuWiki (self hosted)
Documentation Doxygen and currently down Doxygen
Features on desktop Songbird Nightingale
Add-ons Yes
Watch Folders Yes
Play Queue Yes
Video support Yes Yes (video_codec_support)
Equalizer Yes
Scrobbling add-on bundled
CD Rip Closed source add-on based on GEARWorks Add-on in development based on fre:ac
DLNA Support Closed source add-on No
Locales 59
Devices support MTP and MSC devices using closed source add-on Foldersync add-on built-in
Playlists Normal and smarts playlists Normal, smarts playlists and folders (see playlist_format_support)
Cover Flow Add-on in dev
Bookmarks No
iPod support No
Podcasts support No
Audio File Support audio_codec_support
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