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 +====== Properties ======
 +Libraries, lists, and media items all have properties accessible via the .getProperty() API.  .getProperty takes a property name and will contain metadata such as track name, artist name, duration, whether a playlist is editable or hidden, etc.
 +Nightingale itself ships with a set of default properties. ​ Developers (using either the extension API, or Webpage API) can define new third-party properties. ​ Properties are defined using namespaces, with all the default Nightingale ones namespaced at '​http://​​data/​1.0'​. ​ The canonical list of Nightingale stock properties is always available in [[http://​​xref/​nightingale-hacking/​components/​property/​src/​sbStandardProperties.h|sbStandardProperties.h]]
 +For extensions, an easy way to access the properties is to import sbProperties.jsm and use the SBProperties object:
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