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 +====== Advanced Command Creation (How to make non-action type commands) ======
 +If you just want to add a button that triggers a specific function you should probably consider the Playlist Commands Helper which is designed to expedite simple command creation.
 +However, if you need to create a command that isn't so simple you'll need to do it without the playlist commands helper. ​ The first thing you'll need to do is create a hollow PlaylistCommandsBuilder that we'll make into the command or commands you want.
 +  /* C++, create a hollow sbIPlaylistCommandsBuilder */
 +  nsresult rv;
 +  nsCOMPtr<​sbiplaylistcommandsbuilder>​ newCommand =
 +    do_CreateInstance("​​Songbird/​PlaylistCommandsBuilder;​1",​
 +                      &rv);
 +  NS_ENSURE_SUCCESS(rv,​ rv);
 +  // set the id of the newly created playlist command
 +  rv = newCommand->​Init("​my-super-awesome-command"​);​
 +  NS_ENSURE_SUCCESS(rv,​ rv);
 +  /* Javascript, create a hollow sbIPlaylistCommandsBuilder */
 +  const PlaylistCommandsBuilder = new Components.
 +    Constructor("​​Songbird/​PlaylistCommandsBuilder;​1",​
 +                "​sbIPlaylistCommandsBuilder",​ "​init"​);​
 +  // create and set the id of the new holllow command
 +  var newCommand = new PlaylistCommandsBuilder("​my-super-awesome-command"​);​
 +Once we've got a hollow command object, we can start specializing it by adding one or more of the command types. For example, if we wanted to create a new submenu we would need to append a submenu command type to newCommand
 +  /* C++, add a submenu */
 +  newCommand->​AppendSubmenu(
 +            (SBVoidString(),​ // a submenu id if we wanted this submenu to go into one, but we don't
 +             ​NS_LITERAL_STRING('​my-submenu'​),​ // an id for the submenu itself
 +             ​NS_LITERAL_STRING('​Submenu For Stuff'​),​ // a user-facing label
 +             ​NS_LITERAL_STRING('​Tooltips are unused'​)) // an unused tooltip
 +  /* Javascript, add a submenu */
 +  newCommand.appendSubmenu
 +            (null, // a submenu id if we wanted this submenu to go into one, but we don't
 +             '​my-submenu',​ // an id for the submenu itself, the parent command
 +             '​Submenu For Stuff',​ // a user-facing label
 +             '​Tooltips are unused'​) // an unused tooltip
 +Each command object can support multiple commands within itself, and you can control where commands appear relative to one another using insert*Before and insert*After. ​
 +With this command created, the next step is to register it to a medialist or medialists. ​ See the Playlist Commands Manager section for more information.
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