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 +//This Article is based on the official [[http://​​2013/​03/​25/​changes-to-search-engines/​|blogpost]]//​
 +Nightingale allows search engines to be handled by internal code instead of sending a request to a webserver. In order to catch the query to be handled with a sbSearchEngine,​ the component needs to be regeistered.
 +The service it needs to be registered at is named ngIInternalSearchEnginesService.
 +Note: The engine name "​internal"​ is reserved for the library search.
 +====== Example ======
 +var internalSearchService = Cc["​​Nightingale/​internal-search-service;​1"​].getService(Ci.ngIInternalSearchEnginesService);​
 +internalSearchService.registerInternalSearchEngine("​Song Search","​song-search-engine",​ true);
 +This registers the component with the contractID song-search-engine as handler for the engine named "Song Search"​ and has the liveSearch feature.
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