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 +====== Detecting Nightingale ======
 +For extensions that want to support multiple browsers (e.g. Firefox, SeaMonkey, Nightingale,​ etc.), it can be necessary to check to see which app we're in. To check this you can check nsIXULAppInfo for either the application ID (.ID) or application name (.name)
 +<​code>​var appInfo = Components.classes["​​xre/​app-info;​1"​]
 +                  .getService(Components.interfaces.nsIXULAppInfo);​
 +alert(appInfo.ID); ​  // should be
 +alert(;​ // should be Nightingale</​code>​
 +If you're in a web page and utilising the Nightingale Webpage API, you can merely check for the presence of the songbird JavaScript object ​
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