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Web-page API

The Nightingale Web-page API provides programmatic JavaScript interfaces allowing websites and web-pages being viewed from inside the Nightingale client to richly integrate and interact with Nightingale and the user's media library. If you're building an online music store, developing a music web-service, or you write your own music blog, the Nightingale Web-page API allows you to seamlessly integrate your site into Nightingale.

The Web-page API provides interfaces off a global songbird object allowing you to attach listeners, observe events, enumerate the user's media library/playlists, play media, and download media directly into the user's library.


  • Getting Started with the Webpage API
  • guide to the Webpage API
  • API Backwards Compatibility Guide

Reference Documentation

  • Webpage API Reference Documentation (trunk)
  • Webpage API Reference Documentation (1.11 branch)
  • Webpage API Reference Documentation (2.0 branch)


  • Webpage API Discussion Forum

Sample Code

  • Example Music Store
  • Example Music Blog
  • Example Tagcloud
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