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 +====== Debugging ======
 +It's a pain debugging Mozilla code, but here's a few quick notes that can help.
 +===== Debugging Javascript =====
 +You'll first need to download Venkman from https://​​en-US/​firefox/​addon/​javascript-debugger/​ and then install it (you won't be able to install it directly from Nightingale - just download it, then drag-and-drop to Nightingale to install it).
 +Venkman sucks, but it's the best tool you've got. Most of the Nightingale code won't be debuggable unless you have disabled "Hide browser files" in the top-right pane **this session**. That means if this is the second time you've debugged in Nightingale,​ you'll have to hide those files, then reveal them again.
 +Sometimes Venkman will simply refuse to stop in certain code. In that case, putting the line "​debugger;"​ into the code where you want to debug will help.
 +Venkman can be started from the Tools menu if you have the Developer Extension installed, or by typing "​x-jsd:​debugger"​ into the URL bar if you don't. (You might have to be in a debug build for the latter to work.)
 +===== Debugging C++ =====
 +  * Mac: http://​​en/​docs/​Debugging_FizzillaMach
 +  * Linux: http://​​en/​docs/​Debugging_on_Linux
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