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Welcome to the Nightingale Developer Wiki. This is a technical users' repository. If you're just looking to install and use Nightingale to listen to music, you probably want to head back to the main site !

Within the wiki you can find information about the project, how to hack on it, how to get code submitted to the project, how to create your own add-ons, developer support and resources, and a whole slew of other information to hopefully help in your Nightingale development.

New to Nightingale Development?

If you don't know the difference between an Extension and a Feather - no worries! Nightingale has a ton of APIs available and different ways of integrating into it… knowing exactly what to build or how to integrate into Nightingale can be overwhelming.

We've put together a Developer Intro page to help you figure out what you can build and how you can build it.

APIs, and the people who (ab)use them...

  • Web Developers : Web developers building online music stores & media Web services should refer to our Web-page API resources.
  • Visual Designers : Firefox themers, Winamp skinners, visual designers, and artists, please refer to our Feathering resources.
  • Extension Gurus : Firefox extension and Winamp plug-in developers, you know what to do… see our Extensions resources.
  • JS/C/C++ Developers : Application developers can hack on and improve the core Nightingale player. Check out our Core Development resources.

Or just jump straight to Git info!

Help Make Nightingale Better!

Found a bug? Want to fix a bug? Either way, you'll want to get to know our GitHub issue database. If you want to start contributing code, look at a Small Project and do a pull request. You can start with harder projects, if you want, however still file a pull request for your first commit. You might get direct access to the repository later.

Translate Nightingale

Help translate Nightingale into your own locale on Babelzilla. For more information visit the localization page.

Source browser

Want to check out Nightingale source code? Here you go.

Wanna search through the source code? Look here or use GitHub's code search in the repo.

Nightly Builds

You can find the latest Nightingale nightlies here.


Developer Intro

An intro to all our various APIs and ways to customize with or integrate into Nightingale. Read this if you're new to Nightingale development. Go to the Introduction >


Human-readable development articles categorized by concepts (e.g. Web Mashups, Appearances, Playlists, XPCOM, etc.) Read the Getting Started guides to quickly get off the ground running. Songbird Wiki Articles Archive (some articles may be outdated and not applicable to Nightingale)


100% complete from start to finish sample code for each of our APIs. Here lies a complete extension, sparkling Feathers, and 100% working music store/music blog code utilizing our Webpage API.

Recipe Book

100% free, MIT-licensed, highly reusable code snippets to quickly do things like “Make a bookmark”, “Stop playback”, or “Add a webpage listener”. Copy and paste and re-use to your heart's content! Go to the Recipe Book >

Reference Docs

All the hairy nitty-gritty technical docs, design docs, and API references. These are pretty deep-dive docs, and aren't necessarily as “friendly” as the human-readable articles. See


Want to talk to us in real-time? Drop by our IRC channel over at irc://

If you're building extensions, Feathers, or web integrations using our Webpage API, come on our forum for support.

If you're doing core Nightingale player development, come on our forum for support.

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