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First we are thankful to all Songbird developers of Pioneers of the Inevitable, they did a great job on the software.

Here is the community behind Nightingale :

Name Surname Nickname Role(s) Contributor since Location
Steven Bengtson Stevo Core developer Former POTI developer (now retired from Nightingale) America
Janek Bevendorff Manko10 Feather and logo design, UX Germany
Downward Original logo designer
Lukas Diener Lukas_Skywalker Developer Switzerland
LIB53 Feather designer
Matt Dwyer MattSD
Martin Giger freaktechnik Developer Switzerland
Geoffrey Gates Timmythepirate Feather design
Andrew Luecke Auzy Developer Australia
John Murray johnmurrayvi Developer
Matt Parnell Ilikenwf Developer America
Dirk Steinmetz rsjtdrjgfuzkfg Developer Germany
Antoine Turmel GeekShadow Developer France
Mark Yen Mook Developer Former POTI developer America
Steve Wright stevew Developer New Zealand

Roles :

  • Release manager
  • Developer
    • Core developer
    • Add-on developer
  • Designer
    • Feather designer
  • Tester
  • Evangelist
  • Supporter
  • Localizer
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