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{{page>menu}} Nightingale is a media player based on Songbird but it's also more than this. We are also building add-ons, web platforms and other stuff. Want to contribute? ===== Code ===== You can help us fix bugs or/and add new features * Nightingale Media Player is mainly written in C++ and JavaScript and we are following [[|Mozilla Coding Style]] plus our own [[developer_center:code_guidelines|Coding Guidelines]]. If you want to contribute code, please check out the in our main repository. Interface languages used are: XML, XUL. The main repo can be found at, but there are other related repos. * The Website currently uses a thin layer of php on the server side and JS on the client side. Style sheets are written in scss. The code can be found at * Add-ons are mainly written in JavaScript with XUL for interface. * Featherweight our add-ons web platform in work is written in PHP. For core and Add-on development, we are building up a [[developer_center|developer center]]. Don't know how to code? [[coding_tutorials|Get started!]] Contact: * For build system: ilikenwf * For core: johnmurrayvi * For website: freaktechnik * For add-ons: GeekShadow, rsjtdrjgfuzkfg, freaktechnik * For featherweight: ilikenwf, rsjtdrjgfuzkfg, freaktechnik ===== Porting Songbird add-ons ===== It's quite easy and doesn't really require programming knowledge, [[porting_songbird_addons|documentation here]]. Contact: GeekShadow, rsjtdrjgfuzkfg, freaktechnik ===== Localization ===== Nightingale is missing some complete locales, you can help by localizing in your language! [[ngale-locales|More information here]]. Contact: GeekShadow ===== Design ===== Want to make Nightingale prettier? //Themes are called "Feathers"// * Improve the current feather, [[ngale-feather|Coppery]] * Build a [[native-feather|native feather]] * Complete the [[brand]] wiki page with guidelines. * Make more graphics parts for the player, add-ons, website Contact: Manko10 ===== Illustrations ===== We need rad illustrations to spice up our website. Wheter it is an illustration for a blogpost or for the frontpage, they are very welcome! We don't have anything in that direction yet, so feel free! ===== Documentation ===== Songbird gave a good documentation, but most of articles were out of date. We need a refreshed documentation with brand new screen-shots and also documenting our changes. Songbird documentation is backed up, we need people to adapt it and put it on this wiki. Contact: GeekShadow ===== Testing ===== We want more people to test Nightingale, and help us squish all bugs! As a test subject, you will need to deal with multiple version of Nightingale and also Songbird. More information on how to report [[bugs|bugs here]], you can also help us complete the [[qa|quality assurance]] wiki article. Contact: GeekShadow ===== Promotion/Marketing ===== Want to spread the word? We need you to tell the world about the player. Writing review, blog post, telling people etc. We will have some goodies for the best! It's also on how to make a smart use of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+). Have a look at the dedicate page for [[promotion]]. Contact: GeekShadow ===== Help/Support ===== You can help people [[|on the forum]] by providing support. Contact: rsjtdrjgfuzkfg ===== Labs ===== We are looking to build new stuff (add-ons, mobile product)... come and help us shape [[kitchen:thefuture|the future]]! Contact: GeekShadow ===== Money ===== ==== Bug Bounty ==== You can put up a bounty for a bug, so a foreign developer might implement it when the team doesn't implement it as fast as you wished: [[]]. If you can't decide for a specific issue you can donate money to the [[|Nightingale project on Bountysource]] (in the left bottom corner of the page) and we can then decide on which issue to place the bounty. ==== Donations === We are still debating on how we will handle donations. We will need money for: * Web hosting (currently handled by Matt Parnell) * Goodies like stickers (currently handled by Antoine Turmel) * Hardware (To pay servers, computers) * Future events to promote Nightingale (currently handled by Antoine Turmel) Contact: GeekShadow, ilikenwf

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