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This page tracks projects and completeness to be integrated in Nightingale : ===== Projects ===== ^Name ^Type ^Description ^Repository ^Owner ^Status ^% Completion (estimation) ^ | Equalizer Presets | bundled add-on | ability to save/load customs presets ([[::add-ons#equalizer_presets_plus|add-on example here]]) | [[|GH]] | Azraeht | @lightgreen:Landed| 90 % | | [[kitchen:CDRip|CD Rip]] | add-on | extract audio tracks from CDs | [[|GH]] | asdes | @red:Dev stalled| 60 % | | Metadata completion | add-on | Based on song footprint using services like Musicbrainz | [[|GH]] | B3c00lz | @red:Dev stalled| 10 % | | [[kitchen:social|Sharing]] | add-on | A way to easily share the track playing on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ (you can look at [[|LiveTweeter]] as a base) | [[|GH]] | Dark_Angry_Casimir | @red:Dev stalled| 30 % | | [[kitchen:external_libraries|Cloud services integration]] | add-on | A way to integrate Google Music (no API yet), Spotify (web API/core API) and Grooveshark | [[|GH]] | Azraeht | @red:Dev stalled| 5 % | | Ability to specify start and end of songs | bundled add-on | like iTunes [[|GetStatisfaction idea]] | [[|GH]] | Calz | @red:Dev stalled | 70 % | ==== Equalizer Presets ==== Add-on is in test stage, no reviews yet from users/developers :( The interface needs to be polished in compare to Winamp, iTunes and other media players. * Next stage : Optional first run add-on for 1.11.1 release * Future : When it's bug free, hidden bundle add-on * For hard-core developers : ==== CD Rip ==== From what I saw, students did a great job on code and interface but there are still work to do to make the add-on work. Fre:ac binaries + Windows binary to hide command line window. * Next stage : Complete code and make it work * Future : Review code, propose it as optional first run add-on ==== Metadata completion ==== Feel free to look at the work done and write more here ! ==== Sharing ==== Seems like only Twitter was being worked on with OAuth and it's not really working. As LiveTweeter already allow basic Twitter, we need also Facebook and Google+. Mozilla is working on a similar project called "Firefox Share" which is pretty good, maybe someone could fork it but I doubt it will work on our version since Firefox API moved a lot (JetPack etc.) * Next stage : Rebrand LiveTweeter as a Nightingale Share add-on and make it available on the first run add-ons * Future : Propose a sleek social network integration (Songbird for example is mostly working on Facebook) ==== Cloud services integration ==== Student only did a research work. GeekShadow have started to work on a Google Music add-on which only add a bookmark node on the service pane. More work could be done to allow download and upload of songs since there are APIs (unofficial). No plans for other services yet ! * Next stage : Either continue testings custom GreaseMonkey scripts for download or build a website using API. * Future : Matt asked Google for partnership but I highly doubt it will ever succeed :D we should support online storage too like Dropbox or SkyDrive ==== Ability to specify start and end of songs ==== Student was able to store custom beginning and ending in a database but this need to be reworked. * used songs ID instead of song name * use another SQLite Database * better interface (might be integrated to Meta-Data Editor just like iTunes) * play the next song or stop when reaching custom end * Next stage : Rework code, tests * Future : make in work in the core

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