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Mac OS X

My setup: Mac OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard), Xcode 3.2.6


NOTE: The package versions will differ if you are using a version of OS X besides 10.6

Download and install the following in their specified order:

  1. XCode 3.2.6 or install it off of your OS disk
    • You'll need to register as an Apple Developer to access the download, which is free to do.

Once these are installed, we need to get some packages from MacPorts. Open a terminal (/Applications/Utilities/ and run:

sudo port install git-core git extras gawk help2man yasm

Clone the Repo

Open a terminal if you don't already have one open, and change to the directory where you'd like to clone the dependencies to, then run the following:

git clone -b xul-9.0.1

This may take awhile.

Setup & Configuration

With the repo is cloned, change into the repo directory, and run:


This will build and install the bundled build dependencies. You'll need to enter your password, as it installs the packages into /usr/local.


To build, open a terminal if you don't have one open, and change to the repo's directory.

Since the Mac dependency builds are still a work in progress, the process is not completely automated yet.

Run to compile the dependencies. This does NOT include XR. Alternatively, you can open and comment or uncomment lines corresponding to the dependencies you want to build at the moment. Note, however, some of the dependencies must be built sequentially, e.g. libogg is needed for libvorbis, which is needed for libtheora.


Currently, XR doesn't build. More information will be posted once a working build configuration has been attained.

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