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{{page>:menu}} ====== Building Dependencies ====== Building dependencies is only rarely necessary and is very time consuming. Normally our buildsystem ('''') automatically loads the needed prebuilt blobs from [[|Sourceforge]]. XULRunner alone takes 2+ hours to build! If you still want to continue, follow the link below corresponding to your host platform. Currently, this documentation is for XR 9.0.1 ONLY! It will NOT work for any other branch, including sb-trunk-oldxul. * [[build:dependencies:linux|Linux]] * [[build:dependencies:windows|Windows (WIP)]] * [[build:dependencies:mac|Mac OS X (WIP)]] Initial pages for building the XR 1.9.2 (sb-trunk-oldxul) dependencies: * [[build:dependencies:xr192:windows|Windows (WIP)]]

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