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====== Nightingale buildbot ====== We are producing and providing nightlies for developers and testers. They are stored at Each time there is a change in the branch, a nightly is compiled. The buildbot script can be found here : ===== Additional steps (to be discussed) ===== * Generates updates/channel (mar ?) * Compile the firstrun add-ons bundle * What more information should we provide about compiled nightlies ? ===== Some questions ===== * How do we handle the build number (same as Songbird, different one, two separated numbers ?) [[|Issue #255]] * Do we setup an update channel like Mozilla does ? (that wasn't done for Songbird) * Do we also ship on firstrun add-ons ? (not done by Songbird too) ===== Infrastructure ===== * GNU/Linux, Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS i686 * GNU/Linux, Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS x86_64 * Windows Server 2003 x86 * Mac OS X i686 Status can be seen on the [[|Dashboard]]. ===== TODO ===== * Integrate nightlies links in Download page

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