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Here are a few bots written for Nightingale tasks.

Source-code, issues and pull requests here :

Bot Goal Trigger Status Who
Linux i686 buildbot Build a Linux i686 nightly 01:48 Running GeekShadow
Linux x86_64 buildbot Build a Linux x86_64 nightly 01:48 Running GeekShadow
Windows i686 buildbot Build a Windows i686 nightly 01:48 Running GeekShadow
Mac OS X i686 buildbot Build a Mac OS X i686 nightly 01:48 In work GeekShadow
MAR generation Generates MARs for updating nightlies for example Daily Todo
GitHub releases Publish releases on GitHub Manual Todo
Adofex/GitHub sync Synchronize strings from Adofex on the GitHub repo Every 5 minutes Running GeekShadow
GitHub/Adofex sync Syncronize en-US strings from GitHub on Adofex Daily Running GeekShadow
Langpacks building Build langpack nightlies for localizers Daily Running GeekShadow
OpenGrok refresh Refresh OpenSearch code online Daily Running GeekShadow
Doxygen & NaturalDocs Refresh Doxygen & NaturalDocs doc online Daily Todo thebecwar
Unit Tests Run Unit tests after each commit, based on Travis CI GitHub Commit Running freaktechnik

IRC Bots

Our IRC channel #nightingale has some bots working behind the scenes:

  • SNAILBot for logging
  • ngissuesbot displays informations to mentioned issues
  • ngalebot is a bot from github announcing new commits
  • Travis-CI announces Travis build results
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