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<note warning> **This page is an archive page of Nightingale 1.8 compatible add-ons, it shouldn't be updated.** **If you are running Nightingale 1.11 you should [[add-ons|look here instead]] to download add-ons.** </note> ====== Extensions ====== ===== Command Line Support ===== {{ |}} Version 1.1.9, developed by [[users:geekshadow|GeekShadow]] [[|Download]] Description: This extension provides an easy way to control Songbird in command line with these switch : -play -pause (play/pause) -stop -previous -next -mute -volumeup -volumedown ===== Console² ===== {{:addon_generic.png?nolink& |}} Version 0.8, developed by [[|Philip Chee, zeniko]] [[|Download]] Description: Console² (pronounced Console Squared or Console Two) replaces the JavaScript Console with what could be the next generation Error Console. ===== BackupBird ===== {{:addon_backupbird.png?nolink& |}} Version, developed by rsjtdrjgfuzkfg {{|Download}} (requires RatingFile, see above. Description: BackupBird is an AddOn to provide basic, platform-independent backup support to save and restore Preferences and important Library information (think about profile crashes or other terrible things). You can find it in the Tools-Menu. Be careful: Restoring Backups will overwrite Data! It backups the "about:config" Preferences and optionally a RatingFile; RatingFile is required to install BackupBird. ===== DetailsPane ===== {{:addon_detailspane.png?nolink& |}} Version, developed by rsjtdrjgfuzkfg {{|Download}} Description: Adds a bottom display pane that displays information of the selected track. ===== DirectTune ===== {{:addon_directtune.png?nolink& |}} Version, developed by rsjtdrjgfuzkfg {{|Download}} {{:directtune_de-or_1.3.xpi|Download StreamList [German] Deutschlands öffentlich-rechtliche Radiosender}} [[|Download StreamList: Swiss Webradios]] Description: DirectTune is an streaming extension for Nightingale, it provides an interface for adding (Live-)Streams to Nightingale. You can add streams as URL, or download a List-AddOn to get pre-defined Streams such as online radio streams. ===== DOM Inspector ===== {{:addon_generic.png?nolink& |}} Version 2.0.0, developed by [[|Mozilla]] [[|Download]] Description: Inspects the structure and properties of a window and its contents. ===== Equalizer Pane ===== {{ |}} Version 1.0.9, developed by [[users:geekshadow|GeekShadow]] [[|Download]] Description: This add-on allow you to use the Equalizer of Songbird in the content pane (bottom pane). ===== Equalizer Presets ===== {{ |}} Version 1.0.11, developed by [[users:geekshadow|GeekShadow]] [[|Download]] Description: This add-on add 18 custom presets for the Songbird Equalizer. ===== The Exorcist ===== {{exorcist.png?nolink& |}} Version 0.1.5, developed by Stephen Lau {{:exorcist-0.1.5.xpi|Download}} Description: Media Views for showing your broken/missing tracks (ghosts) and duplicate tracks (clones). ===== FocusTrack ===== {{:focustrack.png?nolink& |}} Version 1.2.5, developed by Steven Bengtson [[|Download]] Description: This will focus on a track in the playlist when switching or playing tracks, if the playlist is not visible it will not switch to the playlist but will still focus the track. ===== G15 Simple ===== {{:addon_g15.png?nolink& |}} Version 0.7.0, developed by firetech, updated by [[users:geekshadow|GeekShadow]] (for Linux only) [[|Download]] Description: Simple G15 keyboard LCD display (and others supported by g15daemon) notification addon for Linux. Requires G15 Composer (which in turn requires G15 Daemon, see [[]] for more info), pkill and pgrep. Tested and working fine in Ubuntu 11.10 ===== Icecast Radio ===== {{:addon_icecast.png?nolink& |}} Version 0.21 - Developed by resc2008 {{:icecast-radio-021.xpi|Download}} Description: An interface for Icecast Streaming Service based on SHOUTcast Radio add-on. Supports mp3 and ogg streams. ===== Radio ===== {{:addon_lastfm.png?nolink& |}} Version 1.0.4, developed by Songbird Team {{:audioscrobbler-1.0.4_dev-20111223-211700.xpi|Download}} Description: Publish your playback history to and listen to Radio. Notes: [[|Bug 24937]] (for Scrobbling 2.0 Implementation) ===== ListPosition ===== {{:addon_listposition.png?nolink& |}} Version, developed by rsjtdrjgfuzkfg {{|Download}} Description: Remembers View-Position in playlists. Because there are some technical problems when accessing the playlists, this AddOn could have problems with alternate MediaViews, the common ones should work (List/Filter/MediaFlow). ===== mashTape ===== {{:addon_mashtape.png?nolink& |}} Version, developed by stevel, updated by fcastillo {{:mashtape_nightingale-|Download}} Description: Adds a display pane showing a ton of contextual information about the artist and track you are looking at. Notes: Version is working completely but the background is still purple. I think this is modified by the feather and not the add-on itself. ===== MediaFlow ===== {{:addon_mediaflow.png?nolink& |}} Version 3.5, developed by JohnM, enhanced by [[users:freaktechnik|freaktechnik]] {{:mediaflow-3.5.xpi|Download}} Description: Adds a nice album art preview to Nightingale. Updated: * French and Serbian translation * More native locale strings * Some small bug fixes ===== MinimizeToTray revived ===== {{:addon_mintotrayr_small.png?nolink& |}} Version 0.84, developed by [[|Nils Maier]], updated by resc2008 {{:ng-mintrayr-0.8.4.xpi|Download}} Description: Minimizes windows into the system tray. Notes: * Tested just in Windows 32bits, could work on Windows 64 bits and Linux, will be usefull if you can test on this platforms and send some feedback. * Just work for Nightingale all support for others Mozilla powered applications was removed. ===== MLyrics ===== {{:mlyrics.png?nolink& |}} Version 1.1.3, developed by [[users:lookingman|LookingMan]] [[|Download]] Description: Lyrics viewer and editor in the right side pane. ===== MusicNinja ===== {{:addon_musicninja.png?nolink& |}} Version, developed by [[users:lukas_skywalker|Lukas_Skywalker]] {{:musicninja-|Download}} Description: MusicNinja helps you get more out of Nightingale: when you have no results for a search in your library, MusicNinja displays music from the internet. Because it's good for you. ===== New Tab Button ===== {{ |}} Version 1.2.6, developed by [[users:geekshadow|GeekShadow]] [[|Download]] Description: Add a new tab button to Nightingale. ===== Nightingale Developer Tools ===== {{:addon_generic.png?nolink& |}} Version 0.7.0, developed by [[|POTI]] updated by [[users:GeekShadow]] {{:developertools.xpi|Download}} Description: A collection of essential utilities for feathers designers and extension developers. ===== Now Playing List ===== {{:addon_nowplaying.png?nolink& |}} Version 1.2.3 - Developed by James Moschou updated by resc2008 {{:nowplaying-1.2.3.xpi|Download}} Description: This extension allows you to queue up songs from the library into a collapsible pane on the right, and then play them as a playlist. You can also save the list as a playlist if you like. ===== PartyRuffle ===== {{ |}} Version 0.8.0, developed by abu [[|Download]] Description: An intelligent playlist that continuously shuffles your music based on recommendations from or your own track ratings. ===== RatingFile ===== {{:addon_ratingfile.png?nolink& |}} Version, developed by rsjtdrjgfuzkfg {{|Download}} Description: This Add-On gives you the opportunity to im-/export Ratings, Play- and Skipcount from/to a file. You can find it in the Tools Menu. ===== Telescope ===== {{ |}} Version 0.9.9, developed by Jeff Walden/Robert Sayre, updated by fcastillo {{:telescope_nightingale-0.9.9.xpi|Download}} Description: Telescope allows you to control Nightingale from your mobile phone (or any web browser!) Includes seach functionality to quickly search your entire library. ===== Web Window ===== {{ |}} Version 0.3, developed by [[users:geekshadow|GeekShadow]] [[|Download]] Description: Allow you to open a new browsing window, using the new window toolbar button or "Tools" menu. Code is based on "mybrowser" ===== Wikipedia Extension ===== {{:wikipedia.png?nolink& |}} Version 1.2.5b, developed by Pioneers of the Inevitable [[|Download]] Description: Displays the Wikipedia entry from for the artist currently playing in Nightingale. Wikipedia displays in the bottom content pane by default. ====== Feathers ====== ===== gummibear ===== {{:addon_generic.png?nolink& |}} Version 0.2, developed by Timmythepirate {{:gummibear0.2.xpi|Download}} Description: Based on rubberducky by POTI and the default Nightingale theme by geekshadow/Manko10 ===== Noct ===== {{:feather_noct.png?nolink& |}} Version 0.1, developed by Alittlemurkling {{:noct.xpi|Download}} Description: Based on Raven (Night) by benjibenji ===== simplyBlack ===== {{:feather_simplyblack.png?nolink& |}} Version, developed by rsjtdrjgfuzkfg {{|Download}} Description: A dark version of the old gonzo-feather with some changes in the mini-player, and the implementation of the new purpleRain features, like the new panes.

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