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This page is an archive page of Nightingale 1.8 compatible add-ons, it shouldn't be updated.

If you are running Nightingale 1.11 you should look here instead to download add-ons.


Command Line Support

Version 1.1.9, developed by GeekShadow


Description: This extension provides an easy way to control Songbird in command line with these switch : -play -pause (play/pause) -stop -previous -next -mute -volumeup -volumedown


Version 0.8, developed by Philip Chee, zeniko


Description: Console² (pronounced Console Squared or Console Two) replaces the JavaScript Console with what could be the next generation Error Console.


Version, developed by rsjtdrjgfuzkfg

Download (requires RatingFile, see above.

Description: BackupBird is an AddOn to provide basic, platform-independent backup support to save and restore Preferences and important Library information (think about profile crashes or other terrible things). You can find it in the Tools-Menu. Be careful: Restoring Backups will overwrite Data! It backups the “about:config” Preferences and optionally a RatingFile; RatingFile is required to install BackupBird.


Version, developed by rsjtdrjgfuzkfg


Description: Adds a bottom display pane that displays information of the selected track.


Version, developed by rsjtdrjgfuzkfg

Download Download StreamList [German] Deutschlands öffentlich-rechtliche Radiosender Download StreamList: Swiss Webradios

Description: DirectTune is an streaming extension for Nightingale, it provides an interface for adding (Live-)Streams to Nightingale. You can add streams as URL, or download a List-AddOn to get pre-defined Streams such as online radio streams.

DOM Inspector

Version 2.0.0, developed by Mozilla


Description: Inspects the structure and properties of a window and its contents.

Equalizer Pane

Version 1.0.9, developed by GeekShadow


Description: This add-on allow you to use the Equalizer of Songbird in the content pane (bottom pane).

Equalizer Presets

Version 1.0.11, developed by GeekShadow


Description: This add-on add 18 custom presets for the Songbird Equalizer.

The Exorcist

Version 0.1.5, developed by Stephen Lau


Description: Media Views for showing your broken/missing tracks (ghosts) and duplicate tracks (clones).


Version 1.2.5, developed by Steven Bengtson


Description: This will focus on a track in the playlist when switching or playing tracks, if the playlist is not visible it will not switch to the playlist but will still focus the track.

G15 Simple

Version 0.7.0, developed by firetech, updated by GeekShadow (for Linux only)


Description: Simple G15 keyboard LCD display (and others supported by g15daemon) notification addon for Linux. Requires G15 Composer (which in turn requires G15 Daemon, see for more info), pkill and pgrep. Tested and working fine in Ubuntu 11.10

Icecast Radio

Version 0.21 - Developed by resc2008


Description: An interface for Icecast Streaming Service based on SHOUTcast Radio add-on. Supports mp3 and ogg streams. Radio

Version 1.0.4, developed by Songbird Team


Description: Publish your playback history to and listen to Radio.

Notes: Bug 24937 (for Scrobbling 2.0 Implementation)


Version, developed by rsjtdrjgfuzkfg


Description: Remembers View-Position in playlists. Because there are some technical problems when accessing the playlists, this AddOn could have problems with alternate MediaViews, the common ones should work (List/Filter/MediaFlow).


Version, developed by stevel, updated by fcastillo


Description: Adds a display pane showing a ton of contextual information about the artist and track you are looking at.

Notes: Version is working completely but the background is still purple. I think this is modified by the feather and not the add-on itself.


Version 3.5, developed by JohnM, enhanced by freaktechnik


Description: Adds a nice album art preview to Nightingale.


  • French and Serbian translation
  • More native locale strings
  • Some small bug fixes

MinimizeToTray revived

Version 0.84, developed by Nils Maier, updated by resc2008


Description: Minimizes windows into the system tray.


  • Tested just in Windows 32bits, could work on Windows 64 bits and Linux, will be usefull if you can test on this platforms and send some feedback.
  • Just work for Nightingale all support for others Mozilla powered applications was removed.


Version 1.1.3, developed by LookingMan


Description: Lyrics viewer and editor in the right side pane.


Version, developed by Lukas_Skywalker


Description: MusicNinja helps you get more out of Nightingale: when you have no results for a search in your library, MusicNinja displays music from the internet. Because it's good for you.

New Tab Button

Version 1.2.6, developed by GeekShadow


Description: Add a new tab button to Nightingale.

Nightingale Developer Tools

Version 0.7.0, developed by POTI updated by GeekShadow


Description: A collection of essential utilities for feathers designers and extension developers.

Now Playing List

Version 1.2.3 - Developed by James Moschou updated by resc2008


Description: This extension allows you to queue up songs from the library into a collapsible pane on the right, and then play them as a playlist. You can also save the list as a playlist if you like.


Version 0.8.0, developed by abu


Description: An intelligent playlist that continuously shuffles your music based on recommendations from or your own track ratings.


Version, developed by rsjtdrjgfuzkfg


Description: This Add-On gives you the opportunity to im-/export Ratings, Play- and Skipcount from/to a file. You can find it in the Tools Menu.


Version 0.9.9, developed by Jeff Walden/Robert Sayre, updated by fcastillo


Description: Telescope allows you to control Nightingale from your mobile phone (or any web browser!) Includes seach functionality to quickly search your entire library.

Web Window

Version 0.3, developed by GeekShadow


Description: Allow you to open a new browsing window, using the new window toolbar button or “Tools” menu. Code is based on “mybrowser”

Wikipedia Extension

Version 1.2.5b, developed by Pioneers of the Inevitable


Description: Displays the Wikipedia entry from for the artist currently playing in Nightingale. Wikipedia displays in the bottom content pane by default.



Version 0.2, developed by Timmythepirate


Description: Based on rubberducky by POTI and the default Nightingale theme by geekshadow/Manko10


Version 0.1, developed by Alittlemurkling


Description: Based on Raven (Night) by benjibenji


Version, developed by rsjtdrjgfuzkfg


Description: A dark version of the old gonzo-feather with some changes in the mini-player, and the implementation of the new purpleRain features, like the new panes.

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