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{{page>menu}} ====== Extensions ====== ===== Apple Keyboard Media Key Support ===== {{:addon_generic.png?nolink& |}} Version 1.6.0, developed by nick kreeger, ported by bensch, updated by zjays {{:apple-mediakeys-|Download}} Description: Adds playback support for Apple keyboards that have multimedia keys on them. For those interested, the source is hosted here: [[|]] This add-on does //not// work for an external Apple aluminium keyboard on Linux. In order to disable automatic launching of iTunes when pressing the play button, download and run the patch found [[|here]]. In order to enable media controls on a connected Bluetooth device, download and run the application found [[|here]]. Version 1.6.0: Added firstrun message and instructions/download links in preferences pane for disabling iTunes launching and enabling Bluetooth control. ===== Apple Remote Support ===== {{:addon_generic.png?nolink& |}} Version 1.6.0, developed by nick kreeger, ported and updated by zjays {{:apple-remote-|Download}} Description: Adds playback support for the Apple remote that ships with iMacs and MacBooks. Confirmed working with Mac OS X 10.6.8, 10.7.5 and 10.8.5 so far. Please post in [[|this thread]] if you have any issues or you can confirm that it works on a different OS version. Version 1.6.0: Implemented HIDRemote class. This adds support for Mac OS X 10.8 and higher, and also allows the apple remote to be used without having the Candelair driver installed for Mac OS X 10.6.1 and higher. ===== Audio Bookmarks ===== {{:audio-bookmarks.png?nolink& |}} developed by [[users:Simon_|Simon]] Version 1.14 (updated 29 January 2014) {{:audio_bookmarks_1.14.0.0_.xpi|Download}} Resume playback on restart of Nightingale or a track. * remember where you played up to for all tracks, selected libraries and/or genres and individual tracks. * resume playing the last played track when the player is restarted. Version 1.13 adds **Ctrl Alt B** and **Ctrl Alt F** hot keys for quick skipping back or forward; Version 1.14 lets you choose whether to skip by a % or no. of seconds. Please report any problems to me at =====BackupBird ===== {{:addon_backupbird.png|}} Version, developed by [[users:rsjtdrjgfuzkfg|rsjtdrjgfuzkfg]] {{add-on:backupbird_0.9.1.9-pushed2.xpi|Download}} Requires RatingFile to be installed; a backup solution for preferences and everything RatingFile can store. Useful especially when switching to a fresh profile or a new computer. ===== Bandcamp ===== {{::addon-bandcamp.png|}} Version 1.0, developed by [[users:freaktechnik|freaktechnik]] {{:add-on:bandcamp-1.0-ng.xpi|Download}} Very basic bandcamp integration with a store link in the service pane and a search engine. ===== Beatport ===== {{::addon-beatport.png|}} Version 1.0, developed by [[users:freaktechnik|freaktechnik]] {{{{:add-on:beatport-1.0-ng.xpi|Download}} Very basic beatport integration with a store link in the service pane and a search engine. =====Bird Cage ===== {{:BirdCage.png?nolink& |}} Version, (updated 30 January 2014) developed by [[users:Simon_|Simon]] {{:birdcage_1.6.0.0_.xpi|Download}} BirdCage adds a menu option to the Tools menu which allows you to to lock up the player for unattended playback. It is intended to provide a basic level of protection; it is not impregnable! **This will be the last update of this addon!** Please report any problems to me at =====BirdWatcher (developers tool) ===== {{:BirdWatcher.png?nolink& |}} {{:BirdWatcher_1.22.0.0_.xpi|Download}} version, (updated 30 January 2014), developed by [[users:Simon_|Simon]] Logs messages from javascript running in XPCOM components or any player area (including preference panes, dialogs and the main window.) Examine the included **pane.js** code to see how to use it! Version 1.22 - minor fix (avoid warning message in error console). Problems and suggestions to ===== BirdTune ===== Version 1.3.8, developed by [[users:geekshadow|GeekShadow]] {{:addons:birdtune-1.3.8.xpi|Download}} Description: BirdTune is a list of radios you can play via the display pane and the main view. To listen to a radio, click on the logo or the radio name. You can also click on links to open the website of the radio, to see what the song is playing and also link to podcasts. ===== Command Line Support ===== Version 1.1.11, developed by [[users:geekshadow|GeekShadow]] {{:addons:cli-support-1.1.11.xpi|Download}} Description: This extension provides an easy way to control Songbird in command line with these switch : * -play * -pause (play/pause) * -stop * -previous * -next * -mute * -volumeup * -volumedown ===== Cool Clock ===== {{coolclock.png?nolink& |}} Version, developed by [[users:Simon_|Simon]] {{:coolclock_1.9.0.0_.xpi|Download}} Description: This is a wrapper for the excellent highly, customizable [[|CoolClock]]. With it you can display an analogue clock in the control panel and any, or all, of the display panes! You can change the clock face by clicking on the clock and choosing from a pop-up list, by scrolling on the clock face with the mouse wheel, or from the preferences panel. ===== Copy As Plain Text ===== {{:copyasplaintext.04-32x32.png?nolink& |}} Version, developed by //Mehtuus// {{:copy_as_plain_text_v1.0.4.1.xpi|Download}} Description: A context menu that allows you to //copy in plain text//. You can also configure it to strip out extra spaces and extra lines from the copied text. ===== Customize Filter Pane ===== {{:addon_generic.png?nolink&32 |}} Version 0.2.4, developed by kattla ported by [[users:eagebhart|eagebhart]] {{:customize-filter-pane_0.2.4.xpi|Download}} Description: Adds the ability to change the number of filter panes in the media view. This seems to be working well with the exception of the description in the tab. If anyone knows where that can be fixed please let me know. ===== Delete from Disk ===== {{:addon_generic.png?nolink&32 |}} Version 0.6.2, developed by thebitguru, ported by [[users:dyedfox|dyedfox]]. {{:delete-from-disk_0.6.2-1.12update2.xpi|Download}} Description: Adds a menu entry to delete the selected file(s) from the disk. ===== DetailsPane ===== {{:addon_detailspane.png?nolink& |}} Version, developed by [[users:rsjtdrjgfuzkfg|rsjtdrjgfuzkfg]] {{add-on:detailspane_1.1.1.6-pushed2.xpi|Download}} Description: Adds a bottom display pane that displays information of the selected track. ===== DirectTune ===== {{:addon_directtune.png?nolink& |}} Version, developed by [[users:rsjtdrjgfuzkfg|rsjtdrjgfuzkfg]] {{add-on:directtune_1.2.2.7-pushed2.xpi|Download}}{{:addons:directtune_list_de-or_1.5.xpi|Download StreamList [German] Deutschlands öffentlich-rechtliche Radiosender}} {{:addons:directtune-swisswebradiolist1.5.0.xpi|Download StreamList: Swiss Webradios}} Description: DirectTune is an streaming extension for Nightingale, it provides an interface for adding (Live-)Streams to Nightingale. You can add streams as URL, or download a List-AddOn to get pre-defined Streams such as online radio streams. ===== directory browser ===== {{:addon_generic.png?nolink&32 |}} Version: 0.5.3, developed by Epskampie, ported by [[users:dyedfox|dyedfox]] {{:directory-browser-0.5.3.xpi|Download}} Description: browse your music directories directly, without using the the library. Have you spent a lot of time organizing your music directory, but are the id3 tags not all correct? Do you have a lot of singles, or selfmade compilations? Tired of the music library? This add-on is meant for you. Directory browser allows you to directly view the contents of one or more of your local folders, without using the music library. Usage: Install add-on Press ‘manage directories’ and add one or more of your music folders. Create and/or select a playlist Drag one or more items from the directory browser to the playlist to add them. The items will be scanned, so the first time it can take a while. Please let me know how you feel about it, and any bugs you run into. ===== Dogmazic Search ===== Version 1.0.9, developed by [[users:geekshadow|GeekShadow]] {{:addons: dogmazicsearch-1.0.9.xpi|Download}} Description: Search for music in Creative Commons on ===== DOM Inspector ===== {{:addon_generic.png?nolink& |}} Version 2.0.0, developed by [[|Mozilla]] {{:inspector-2.0.0.xpi|Download}} Description: Inspects the structure and properties of a window and its contents. ===== Download Badge ===== {{:downloadBadge.png?nolink& |}} Version, developed by [[users:Simon_|Simon]] {{download_Badge_1.2.0.0_.xpi|Download}} Description: Adds a badge to the Downloads node in the Service Pane showing the number of active and queued downloads. Also adds a couple of useful options to the downloads context menu. Please report any problems to me at ===== Equalizer Pane ===== Version 1.0.11, developed by [[users:geekshadow|GeekShadow]] {{:addons:equalizerpane-1.0.11.xpi|Download}} Description: This add-on allow you to use the Equalizer in the content pane (bottom pane). ===== Equalizer Presets Plus===== Version 1.1, developed by [[users:geekshadow|GeekShadow]], Azraeht (Brice Santus) (as part of [[comete:2012|CoMETE]] project) and Seba Kerckhof {{:eqpresetsplus.xpi|Download}} Description: This add-on add 18 custom presets for both Songbird & Nightingale Equalizer. You can also save your own presets. ===== The Exorcist ===== {{exorcist.png?nolink& |}} Version, developed by Stephen Lau, ported and updated by johnmurrayvi {{:addons:exorcist-|Download}} Description: Media Views for showing your broken/missing tracks (ghosts) and duplicate tracks (clones). ===== Extended Copy Menu ===== {{:addon_generic.png?nolink& |}} Version, developed by [[|Ryan Cook]], updated by [[users:geekshadow|GeekShadow]] {{:addons:extended-copy-menu-|Download}} Description: Provides the option to copy selection as plain text or html. It adds a "Copy As Html" and "Copy As Plain Text" to the context (right-click) menu. It is useful if you want to copy the text or underlying html from a web page into documents, posts or other applications. ===== FocusTrack ===== {{:focustrack.png?nolink& |}} Version 1.2.6, developed by Steven Bengtson, updated by Michael Burns {{:focustrack-1.2.6.xpi|Download}} Description: This extension will set the focus in the playlist window to the track that is currently being played. ===== G15 Simple ===== {{:addon_g15.png?nolink& |}} Version 0.7.4, developed by firetech, updated by [[users:geekshadow|GeekShadow]] (for Linux only) {{:addons:g15simple-0.7.4.xpi|Download}} Description: Simple G15 keyboard LCD display (and others supported by g15daemon) notification add-on for Linux. Requires G15 Composer (which in turn requires G15 Daemon, see [[]] for more info), pkill and pgrep. Tested and working fine in Ubuntu 11.10 ===== Grid View ===== {{:gridview_icon.png?nolink& |}} Version 0.5.2, developed by JohnM, updated by zjays {{:gridview-0.5.2.xpi|Download}} Description: An alternative media view that displays artist album art in a grid. This is similar to the default artist view in Windows Media Player or the Grid view in iTunes. Known issue: If switching directly from the Filter Pane View (and possibly other media views installed via add-ons) to Grid View, the underlying list view won't filter by artist when clicking album art in the grid. For proper functionality, switch to the List View and then switch directly to Grid View. Version 0.5.2 - Updated to match default Nightingale feather (Blue Monday) {{:gridview-0.5.1-patched-ngale.xpi|Download Version 0.5.1}} (Original version developed for Songbird) [[|Source on GitHub]] ===== GrowlGNTP-Nightingale for Windows ===== {{:growlgntp.png?nolink& |}} Version 1.0.0, Ported and updated from GrowlGNTP for Songbird {{:addons:growlgntp-nightingale_1.0.0.xpi|Download}} Description: Growl for Windows ported by [[users:stevew|SteveW]]. Tested with Growl v2.0.9 and seems to work OK on Windows 7 with Nightingale 1.11.0 build 2223.\\ \\ You will need Growl for Windows from installed. \\ \\ Growl is a notification system for OS X and Windows - As far as I can tell this add-on only works on Windows. \\ \\ You can find out more about Growl here - [[|Wikipedia]]. ===== Guitar Tab ===== {{:addon_generic.png?nolink& |}} Version 1.2.6, developed by ewcrider, ported by zjays {{:guitar-tab_v1.2.6_ngale.xpi|Download}} Description: Searches for tabs of the currently playing track. You can select the tab type (Guitar, Bass, Chords, Guitar Pro, Power Tab, or Drum Tab) from the options menu. There are two control options to execute the search, a button to the right of the Songbird search, and a menu item under the Controls menu. Either of these (or both) can be turned off via the options menu. ===== ===== {{:addon_lastfm.png?nolink& |}} Version 1.0.13, developed by POTI and Nightingale [[|Download]] Description: Publish your playback history to and listen to Radio Note: Many users have experienced [[|problems scrobbling]] with version 1.0.13. Version below uses an older scrobbling API, but still reliably scrobbles as of April 2, 2016 (although the Love Track button and probably other buttons are not functional) -zjays {{:addons:audioscrobbler-|Download Version}} (Same as version 1.0.11, but with [[|Login fix]] + updated logo) ===== Album Art===== {{:albumart.png?nolink& |}} Version 1.0.4, developed by necimal {{:addons:lastfm-albumart-1.0.4-1.12.xpi|Download}} Description: Use the art (not always of the album) from Last.FM for the playing track ===== Scrobbling Support===== {{:addon_lastfm.png?nolink& |}} Version 1.0.4, developed by necimal, ported by semogj {{:nightingale-alt-scrobbler-1.0.4.xpi|Download}} Description: This extension differs from the other extension in that it **submits your songs to the [[|official client]]**, which is a small program installed on your computer.\\ The client then sends the information to the server, so Songbird doesn't need to worry about your login details. This is the way most other media players submit tracks to, and you can open the client to view information on the currently playing track, and love/ban songs.\\ The client also provides support for offline scrobbling. ===== Sidebar ===== {{:addon_generic.png?nolink& |}} Version 1.3.15, developed by Stevo, ported by zjays {{:last-fm-sidebar-1.3.15-ngale.xpi|Download}} {{:last-fm-sidebar-1.3.15-ngale-native.xpi|Download version that works with Nightingale native scrobbler}} (try this if version above doesn't work) Description: Allows you to view your profile in a display pane, this is best used in the right sidebar display pane. ===== Last Track Resume 2 ===== {{:addon_generic.png?nolink&32 |}}Version, developed by Bastien Migette, ported by [[users:dyedfox|dyedfox]] {{:last_track_resume_2-ng-10002-1.12update.xpi|Download}} Description: Resume your last played track on startup. ===== ListPosition ===== {{:addon_listposition.png?nolink& |}} Version, developed by [[users:rsjtdrjgfuzkfg|rsjtdrjgfuzkfg]] {{add-on:listposition-|Download}} Description: Remembers View-Position in playlists. Because there are some technical problems when accessing the playlists, this AddOn could have problems with alternate MediaViews, the common ones should work (List/Filter/MediaFlow). ===== LiveTweeter ===== {{:addon_livetweeter.png?nolink& |}} Version 1.5, developed by [[users:GeekShadow|GeekShadow]] {{:addons:livetweeter-1.5.xpi|Download}} Description: Allows you to post what you are listening on Twitter,, Skype and Text-file ===== mashTape ===== {{:addon_mashtape.png?nolink& |}} Version, developed by POTI {{|Download}} Description: Adds a display pane showing a ton of contextual information about the artist and track you are looking at. Version: mashtape-nightingale-1.0.1, updated by [[users:stevew|SteveW]] 24/10/2012. Rebranded to Nightingale {{:mashtape-Nightingale-1.0.1.xpi|Download}} ===== MediaFlow ===== {{:addon_mediaflow.png?nolink& |}} Version 3.3, developed by JohnM {{:mediaflow-3.3-1-ngale.xpi|Download}} Description: Adds a nice album art preview to Nightingale. Note: This is a repackaged version from songbird without enhancements. ===== MinimizeToTray++ ===== {{:addon_minimizetotrayplusplus.png?nolink& |}} Version 1.0.9, originally developed by [[|Michael B.]], Linux fork by christianoguedes, this port by sparhawk {{:minimizetotrayplusplus-1.0.9-linux_ngale.xpi|Download}} Description: Minimises the application to the system tray. This is a repackaged version of the Songbird extension without enhancements. Version 1.0.10b, for Linux only: {{addons:minimizetotray-1.0.10b-linux-x86_64.xpi|Download}} (64 bit), {{addons:minimizetotray-1.0.10b-linux-i686.xpi|Download}} (32 bit), [[|Source code]] ===== MLyrics ===== {{:mlyrics.png?nolink& |}} Version 1.3.5, developed by [[users:LookingMan]] [[|Download]] (Save and open with Nightingale) Description: Another way to deal with lyrics See this page for more info See this page for changes Make suggestions and report bugs here Download latest build from here (you may need to change Nightingale language to English (US) if MLyrics does not load) ===== mp3skull Search ===== {{:mp3skull.png?nolink& |}} Version 1.0.0, developed by [[users:freaktechnik]] {{:mp3skullsearch-1.0.0.xpi|Download}} Description: Adds mp3skull to the list of search engines ===== Music Recommendations ===== {{:music_recommendations_icon.png?nolink& |}} Version 1.0.1, developed by necimal, ported by zjays {{:music-recommendations-1.0.1-ngale.xpi|Download}} Description: Music Recommendations searches for similar artists (powered by, and provides links to these artists in your library. ===== Music Quiz ===== Version 1.2.4, developed by Mitch and [[users:geekshadow|GeekShadow]] {{:addons:music-quiz-1.2.4.xpi|Download}} Description: Name the song playing in as little time as possible, to score the most points. ===== New Tab Button ===== Version 1.2.8, developed by [[users:geekshadow|GeekShadow]] {{:addons:newtab-1.2.8.xpi|Download}} Description: Add a new tab button on the toolbar. ===== Nightingale Developer Tools ===== {{:addon_devtools.png?nolink& |}} Version 0.8, build 20140217 developed by POTI updated by [[users:GeekShadow]], [[users:thebecwar]] {{addons:nightengale-developer-tools_0.8.20140217.xpi|Download}} [[|Source code]] Description: A collection of essential utilities for feathers designers and extension developers. Contains: * Venkman - Javascript Debugger from Mozilla * XUL Periodic Table * Extension Developer's Extension * XPCOM Viewer * XUL Explorer ===== Now Playing Art ===== {{:NowPlayingArt.png?nolink& |}} Developed by [[users:Simon_|Simon]] {{::nowplayingart_1.18.0.0_.xpi|Version, updated 30 Jan 2014, Download}} Description: NowPlayingArt displays local and web art at bottom of the service pane based on album and artist (=album artist, artist, composer & lyricist) metadata of the playing track. NowPlayingArt is highly customisable and handles multiple images, which can be clicked through, scrolled and/or viewed as a slide show. Please report any problems to me at ===== Now Playing List 2 ===== {{:addon_generic.png?nolink& |}} Version 1.41, developed by Tuskan360, ported by pedrocarvalho {{:nowplaying-2.xpi|Download}} Description: Adds a now playing list with ability to drag and drop songs into the queue. It allows double clicking on Music panel and add to a "real" playlist queue. tested on ver. 1.11.0, Build 0 (20120305120959) ===== PartyRuffle ===== {{:addon-partyruffle.png?nolink&|PartyRuffle}} Version 0.9.1, developed by abu {{:addons:partyruffle-0.9.1.xpi|Download}} Description: An intelligent playlist that continuously shuffles your music based on recommendations from or your own track ratings. Take the thought out of playlist creation. PartyRuffle does the thinking for you by using recommendations from or your own track ratings to continuously populate a play queue. Want to do a little thinking of your own? Then go ahead and rearrange PartyRuffle's recommendations or add your own selection of tracks to the PartyRuffle queue. PartyRuffle also includes a collapsible pane on the right (the PartyRuffle Now Playing List) which allows you to modify the PartyRuffle queue with tracks you find while browsing your library. For users switching from iTunes, PartyRuffle is very similar to iTunes Party Shuffle and iTunes DJ. Also download the [[add-ons#WhirlyBird|WhirlyBird]] addon to get a cover album preview media page that works nicely with PartyRuffle. ===== Playlist Export ===== {{:addon_generic.png?nolink& |}} Version 0.9.6 developed by Wilco ported and updated by johnmurrayvi {{:addons:playlistexport-v0.9.6-1.12update.xpi|Download}} [[|Source code]] Description: Export your playlists as M3U, M3U8, or PLS files. Note: For the "Select All" button to select every playlist, you must scroll down to the bottom of the list before clicking it. Also, the "Correct Case" option is a bit finicky currently, so if you have this enabled and are having issues exporting some playlists, try disabling it. ===== Rate Your Library ===== {{:rateyourlibrary.png?nolink& |}} Version 0.6.1 developed by brudaswen ported by semogj {{:rate-your-library_0.6.1-1.12update.xpi|Download}} Description: This extension helps you to easily rate your whole songbird library.\\ Whenever you listen to an unrated song you are ask to rate this title. By default the notification pops up after exactly 50 percent of the song, such that you have listened long enough to decide how much you like this song.\\ You can also define a global hot-key to open the notification manually (Ctrl+Shift+N by default). ===== RatingFile ===== {{:addon_ratingfile.png?nolink& |}} Version, developed by [[users:rsjtdrjgfuzkfg|rsjtdrjgfuzkfg]] {{add-on:ratingfile_1.3.2.6-pushed2.xpi|Download}} Description: This Add-On gives you the opportunity to im-/export Ratings, Play- and Skipcount from/to a file. You can find it in the Tools Menu. ===== SHOUTcast Radio ===== {{:addon_shoutcast.png?nolink& |}} Version, developed by POTI / with changes from the Nightingale Community {{|Download}} <del>(broken due to migration at SHOUTcast, see</del> Description: Provide a Nightingale-native interface to browse the SHOUTcast radio directory. You can bookmark/favourite stations, filter/search, and view by genre. ===== Sleep Timer ===== {{:sleepTimer.png?nolink& |}} Version {{:sleepTimer_1.12.0.0_.xpi|Download}}, (30 January 2014) developed by [[users:Simon_|Simon]] Sleeptimer is a customisable sleep timer which shows up in the control pane. It counts down from a time you set and when the time is up, optionally: * shows a message; * cuts, fades or finishes the playing track; * pauses; * plays a media item/list; * starts an external application; * waits; * closes or returns to the player. Version 1.12 adds a ** Ctrl Alt S** hot key to open & start the timer with a default time.(In previous versions this key hid the timer. **Ctrl S** still toggles timer visibility.) Please report any problems to me at ===== Smarty Pants ===== {{:smarty_pants_icon.png?nolink& |}} Version 1.2.9, developed by nickm, updated by zjays {{:smarty-pants-1.2.9-ngale.xpi|Download}} Description: This is a sidebar with functionality similar to Genius from iTunes. You can select one or more tracks in your library and Smarty Pants will find tracks that are similar. It is split up into three tabs, the first shows the songs in your library, which you can play in Songbird or save as a playlist. The second has recommended songs that are not in your library, which can opened and played in The third is a list of recommended artists along with albums from those artists that are not in your library. Smarty Pants will try to process lots of songs and artists to get the best results, but this can be stopped at any time if you are happy with the results. There is also a toolbar button that will simply generate a playlist for the selected track using some default options. Version 1.2.9 - Uploaded by zjays September 18, 2012 - Added right-click option in Recommended tab to search for song in mp3skull ===== Statusbar Clock ===== Version 1.8.16, developed by [[|Cosmic Cat]], updated by [[users:geekshadow|GeekShadow]] {{:addons:statusbar-clock-1.8.16.xpi|Download}} Description: Display the date and time in your browser's status bar. Or just the date, or just the time, or maybe a cheerful message to brighten someone's day. It's quite customizable. ===== Songbird/Nightingale remote ===== {{:addon_generic.png?nolink& |}} Version 1.10.1, developed by 779Media, ported by bensch {{:songbirdremote_779media_mac_ngale.xpi|Download (OS X)}} {{:songbirdremotewin32_ngale.xpi|Download (Win32)}} Description: Control your music playing on your host machine from your iPhone or Android device. The App needed is available for [[|Android]]. There is also a charged version for [[|iOS]]. Requires iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android device to be on same wifi network as host machine. Windows users wishing for iPhone connectivity, must have Bonjour Print Services for Windows installed: port 5353 is open for Bonjour to work correctly On Ubuntu 9.10 - Select "System->Administration->Synaptic Package Manager" - Install "Avahi Apple Bonjour compatibility library" - Install SongbirdRemote Add On. ===== Song notifier ===== {{:addon_generic.png?nolink& |}} Version 0.6.4, developed by conlan, ported by bensch {{:song_notifier_ngale-1.12update.xpi|Download}} Description: Shows an alert slider when the song changes. Alert can included information about the currently playing song including: Title, Artist, and Album. The text, image, and colors on the alert can be customized. ===== SoundCloud ===== {{:soundcloud.png?nolink& |}} Version 1.0.3, developed by kurt ruppel from POTI {{addons:soundcloud-1.0.3-201303280131.xpi|Download}} Description: Bringing SoundCloud to Nightingale. * Discover * Search SoundCloud for tracks. * Sort tracks by their play/favorite counts or creation dates. * Find tracks by a particular user. * Listen * Queue tracks up in the play queue. * Drop tracks into the playlist of your choosing. * Scobble your playback history to * Download available tracks as you go. * Connect * Login to SoundCloud through Songbird. * Keep up to date with the people you follow. View their recently posted tracks in the dashboard. * Play all your favorites. * Follow/Favorite on the fly. * Visualize * Waveform display pane reveals the shape of the sound, integrating the unique SoundCloud experience into Nightingale. ===== Splish Splosh ===== {{:splishSplosh.png?nolink& |}} Version, developed by Simon {{:splish_splosh_1.12.0.0_.xpi|Download}} Description: Splish splosh allows you to remove or change the start-up splash screen and will display any splash screens provided by feathers. Please report any problems to me at ===== Tagger ===== {{:addon_tagger.png?nolink& |}} Version, developed by Horazont, ported by sparhawk {{:tagger_0.9.2.4_ngale.xpi|Download}} Description: Generating, modifying and saving tags (metadata) right in <del>Songbird</del> Nightingale. Hints on usage: Since Songbird [[|dropped]] the "Manage files" preference in version 1.10, this add-on allows a similar functionality. Unfortunately it's not quite a "clever" as the original, bundled preference. For example, if you are tagging by name of artist/song/etc., it gets confused if there are slashes in the title (e.g. AC/DC), creating additional subdirectories. Apart from this, it appears to work well. ===== TagNinja ===== {{:addon_generic.png?nolink& |}} Version, developed by [[users:lukas_skywalker|]] {{:tagninja-|Download}} Description: Tag your files easily. Let TN get the information for you. Approve it. Done. Click the tag button left to the search field to tag the currently selected album. This release is experimental. It could mess up your tags. But it probably won't. ===== TangoInfoPane ===== {{:tangoinfo.ico?nolink& |}} Version 2.3, developed by [[users:eagebhart|]] {{:tangoinfopane.xpi|Download}} Description: Fix your tango music metadata with the Tango.Info database. Research your tango music at Tango.Info, Todo Tango, and Wikipedia. Automatically browse selected or playing tracks at Tango.Info, Todo Tango, or wikipedia. Locate an album on Tango.Info and tag your library with the data from Tango.Info. ===== Tester Tools ====== {{:addon_generic.png?nolink& |}} Version 1.0, Ported and updated from Songbird Nightly Tester Tools by [[users:stevew|]] {{:testertools.xpi|Download}} Description: A port of the Songbird Nightly Tester Tools. ===== Total time and size statusbar ===== {{:addon_generic.png?nolink& |}} Version, developed by alfred (and the-frog), ported by bensch {{:timesize_ngale.xpi|Download}} Description: The status bar to show the item count, total time and total size in the library and playlists. N.B. No longer works with the latest Nightingale nightly from the Ubuntu ppa (1.12.1-0~nightly-13104~ubuntu13.04.1). ===== Track Art Fetcher ===== {{:trackArtFetcher.png?nolink& |}} Developed by [[users:Simon_|Simon]] Version (30 January 2014), {{:track_Art_Fetcher_1.9.0.0_.xpi|Download}} Fetches art work from a track's primary image property / directory. It is a fetcher on the Artwork options panel and can be prioritised, enabled and disabled as required. You may need to tick 'Auto-fetch Album Artwork' on the Artwork options screen to see album art! Track Art Fetcher optionally returns: - the media item's **primary image** (whether local or web) (This is set by drag-and-drop/pasting an image on the metadata editor or the Artwork display pane.) - art from the **track's directory** (all or files containing the track's file name) with extension in the list on the Track Art Fetcher preferences.) It works with any add-on that uses Album Art fetchers. However, as far as I am aware, only NowPlayingArt displays multiple images. Please report any problems to me at ===== TrackMan ===== {{:addon_generic.png?nolink& |}} Version 2.1, developed by [[users:eagebhart|]] {{:trackman.xpi|Download}} Description: Fix your song metadata with batch editing. Editing which is usually very tedious can be done simply and quickly. Easily fixes common patterns found in tango music. Reverse Last name first, extract album artist and artist from artist, swap album artist and artist, extract singer, genre, composer, album artist from track name, Append, clear or replace text in any field. ===== Unity Integration ===== {{:unity-integration.png?nolink& |}} Version 1.1.2 (tested only for 32-bit Ubuntu), developed by [[users:LookingMan]] [[|Download]] (Save and open with Nightingale) Description: Provides integration into Ubuntu Unity (Sound Menu, Hide on close, Notifications) Please check [[|README]] if you installing for the first time. Find more info, make suggestions and report bugs here Download latest build from here ===== Vandelay Industries ===== {{:addon_vandelay.png?nolink& |}} Version 1.2.8, developed by nickm {{:vandelay-industries-1.2.8-1.12update.xpi|Download}} Description: adds a menu item to the tools menu to let you import play counts, metatdata, and loved tracks from Known issue: Import Play Counts and Metadata is currently broken. This is a problem with - their API method "library.gettracks" is currently broken. (See and The above issue could be fixed if the add-on is updated to use's "user.getTopTracks" API method (See The original author (nickm) likely is no longer maintaining the add-on, so I think anybody should feel free to try it themselves. -zjays ===== Vinyl Album Art ===== {{:vinyl-aa-icon.png?nolink& |}} Version 0.0.2, developed by Stephen Lau, ported by zjays {{:vinyl-aa-0.0.2-ngale.xpi|Download}} Description: Does one thing and one thing only: changes the default album art CD graphic to the awesomeness that is vinyl. ===== Web Window ===== Version 0.5, developed by [[users:geekshadow|GeekShadow]] {{:addons:web-window-0.5.xpi|Download}} Description: Allow you to open a new browsing window, using the new window toolbar button or "Tools" menu. Code is based on "mybrowser" ===== Wikipedia Extension ===== {{:wikipedia.png?nolink& |}} Version 1.2.5b, developed by POTI {{:wikipediaextension-1.2.5b-2-ngale-1.12update.xpi|Download}} Description: Displays the Wikipedia entry from for the artist currently playing in Nightingale. Wikipedia displays in the bottom content pane by default. Note: Modified to show the Nightingale Wiki page when nothing is playing instead of the SB one. ===== WhirlyBird ===== {{:addon-whirlybird.png?nolink&|WhirlyBird}} Version 0.1.1, developed by abu {{:addons:whirlybird-0.1.1.xpi|Download}} Description: Adds an album art preview media page that is based on the MediaFlow addon originally created by //John Marshall//. This addon works nicely with the [[add-ons#PartyRuffle|PartyRuffle]] addon. WhirlyBird is similar to MediaFlow but is meant to work nicely with the [[add-ons#PartyRuffle|PartyRuffle]] addon. Whereas MediaFlow and [[add-ons#PartyRuffle|PartyRuffle]] didn't work well together, the WhirlyBird addon works well with [[add-ons#PartyRuffle|PartyRuffle]]. WhirlyBird doesn't support all of the features offered by MediaFlow. Most notably it doesn't support album grouping. However, WhirlyBird does offer some improvements: * Faster, especially when used with larger libraries. * Support for fullscreen mode. Use **F11** to enter fullscreen mode and **ESC** or **F11** to exit fullscreen mode. * The size of the covers can be resized. Use **PgUp** to increase their size and **PgDn** to decrease their size. ===== Zippy (developers tool) ===== {{:Zippy.png?nolink& |}} {{:zippy_1.15.0.0_.xpi|Download}} 30 January 2014: version; developed by [[users:Simon_|Simon]]. Description: Adds easy-to-hit toolbar buttons to: * **restart** Songbird/Nightingale (if developers tools are installed) * **refresh** UI (if developers tools are installed) * open **error console** * open **DOM inspector** (if DOM inspector is installed) * **make XPI** files for selected add-on(s) * **compile IDLs** into XPTs * **force exit**. v1.15.0.0. - bug fix Please report any issues/requests to me at ====== Feathers ====== ===== Azul ===== {{:addon_generic.png?nolink& |}} Version, developed by manuel-jrs {{:azul.xpi|Download}} Description: Another blue feather. ===== Big Beat ===== {{:bigbeat-icon.png?nolink&32 |}} Version (17.04.2014), developed by [[users:dyedfox|dyedfox]] {{:bigbeat-ng.xpi|Download}} Description: orange and grey feather. //What's new in updated Media Control Pane look.// Features: Support for: MLyrics, mashTape. [[|Homepage including screenshots]]. ===== Chlorophyll ===== {{:icon.png?nolink&32}} Version, Developed by [[users:kieran|Kieran]] {{:nightengale-chlorophyll-0737.xpi|Download}} Description: A soothing green feather inspired by nature. Features: support for mashtape. ===== Chrome ===== {{:chrome-icon.png?nolink&32}} Version, Developed by Hiromacu, ported by [[users:dyedfox|dyedfox]] {{:chrome_1.1.1.8.xpi|Download}} Description: Metallic feather with brushed steel patterns. ===== Chromibird ===== {{:feather_chromibird-v2.2_icon.png?nolink&32}} Version 2.2, developed by boosh for Songbird, ported by Sparhawk. {{:feather_chromibird-v2.2.xpi|Download}} Description: A feather based on Google Chrome on Windows Comment: one of the few ported feathers based on a light background with dark text. ===== Delicious iSongbird ===== {{:delici-icon.png?nolink&32}} Version 1.0, developed by bingster, ported by [[users:dyedfox|dyedfox]]. {{:delicious-isongbird.xpi|Download}} Description: iTunes look ===== Glossy Coat 2 ===== {{:glossy-coat-icon.png?nolink&32}} Version 2.5, developed by boosh, original creator: LIB53. Ported by [[users:dyedfox|dyedfox]]. {{:glossycoat-v2.5.xpi|Download}} Description: A glossy and dark theme that maintains a perfect balance between eye-candy and usability. ===== Gonzo 2.0 ===== {{:gonzo-icon.png?nolink&32}} Version 2.4, developed by boosh, ported by [[users:dyedfox|dyedfox]]. {{:gonzo2-v2.4-win-linux.xpi|Download for Windows and Linux}} {{:gonzo2-v2.4-mac.xpi|Download for Mac}} Description: The Original Gonzo Feather - Purple Rainified. ===== itune nightingale ===== {{:addon_generic.png?nolink& |}} Version 1.0.0, developed by cyrcox Download? Description: itunes Skin for Songbird and Nightingale of course ===== Komodobird ===== {{:komodo-icon.png?nolink& |}} Version 2.2, developed by boosh, contributor:Rogie King (Komodo Media). Ported by [[users:dyedfox|dyedfox]] {{:komodobird-v2.2.xpi|Download}} Description: A Tropical bird based on Komodo Media ===== MinimalUI ===== {{:addon_generic.png?nolink& |}} Version 1.3, developed by airf0rce0ne, ported by [[users:dyedfox|dyedfox]] {{|Download}} Description: A feather that mimics Windows 8's Modern user interface. ===== Nightingale (feather) ===== {{:addon_generic.png?nolink&32 |}} Version, developed by BadCough, ported by [[users:dyedfox|dyedfox]] {{:nightingale.xpi|Download}} Description: A grey feather with floral features. ===== Noct ===== {{:feather_noct.png?nolink& |}} Version 1.2, developed by alittlemurkling {{:noct_v1.2.xpi|Download}} Description: A black and cyan feather inspired by Android 4.0. New in 1.2: Made the theme a bit darker, added a trough to the seekbar, and removed most of the gradients. ===== Orange County ===== {{:orange-county-icon.png?nolink& |}} Version, developed by Hiromacu, ported by [[users:dyedfox|dyedfox]] {{:orange-county_1.1.2.3.xpi|Download}} Description: Vital orange feather to make you happy! ===== Piasa ===== {{:addon_generic.png?nolink& |}} Version 0.2.1 developed by Timmythepirate {{:addons:piasa-0.2.1.xpi|Download}} Description: The default Nightingale with a copper/orange color added. Version 0.2.1 - Added by zjays May 12, 2015 - Updated with changes merged in from changes to default Nightingale feather ===== Raven (Day) ===== {{:addon_generic.png?nolink& |}} Version 0.2.1 developed by benjibenji, ported by [[users:dyedfox|dyedfox]] {{:raven-day-021.xpi|Download}} Description: Raven is a simple, yet stylish design. Day is the light version. ===== Raven (Night) ===== {{:addon_generic.png?nolink& |}} Version developed by benjibenji, ported by [[users:dyedfox|dyedfox]] {{:ravennight-0551.xpi|Download}} Description: A sleek, modern feather based on Purple Rain. Night is the dark version. ===== Sparkle ===== {{:sparkle-icon.png?nolink& |}} Version developed by Schwadegan, ported by [[users:dyedfox|dyedfox]] {{:sparkle0901.xpi|Download}} Description: A shady feather with a light pattern. ===== simplyBlack ===== {{:feather_simplyblack.png?nolink& |}} Version, developed by [[users:rsjtdrjgfuzkfg|rsjtdrjgfuzkfg]] {{add-on:simplyblack_2.4.4.6-pushed2.xpi|Download}} Description: A dark version of the old gonzo-feather with some changes in the mini-player, and the implementation of the new purpleRain features, like the new panes. Includes netbook- and native-mode. ===== StarCraft 2 - Protoss ===== {{:starcraft-icon.png?nolink& |}} Version , developed by Hiromacu, ported by [[users:dyedfox|dyedfox]] {{:starcraft-protoss_1.1.1.2.xpi|Download}} Description: Protoss feather for StarCraft fans. ===== Steel ===== {{:steel-icon.png?nolink& |}} Version, developed by Hiromacu, ported by [[users:dyedfox|dyedfox]] {{:steel_1.0.6.9.xpi|Download}} Description: Metallic feather with more brushed steel patterns. ===== Walnut ===== {{:walnut-icon.png?nolink& |}} Version 1.9.6, developed by Alfred Kayser, ported by [[users:dyedfox|dyedfox]] {{:walnut_sb_196.xpi|Download}} Description: Walnut, based on the famous Walnut themes for Firefox and Thunderbird. __Known issue: Nightingale window can be minimized after install. You have to drag it's borders to maximize it.__ ===== Walnut2 ===== {{:walnut2-icon.png?nolink& |}} Version 1.9.6, developed by Alfred Kayser, ported by [[users:dyedfox|dyedfox]] {{:walnut2_sb_196.xpi|Download}} Description: Walnut2, based on the famous Walnut2 themes for Firefox and Thunderbird. __Known issue: Nightingale window can be minimized after install. You have to drag it's borders to maximize it.__ ===== YABS ===== {{:addon_generic.png?nolink& |}} Version, developed by Neon612, ported by [[users:dyedfox|dyedfox]] {{:yabs.xpi|Download}} Description: Yet Another Black Songbird (Nightingale). ====== In Progress ====== * LiveTweeter -> [[|Issue 82]] (to track down changes) It's likely to be renamed Nightingale Share * [[native-feather|Native feather]] -> LIB53 work, still need improvements * -> Support broken in latest add-on * Blue-Glow -> A feather converted from Blue-Fusion for Songbird which requires some improvements. * MediaFlow -> Will come. Sadly the old one won't work anymore. ====== More info ====== * If you have ideas for add-ons, go and [[requested_features|post here]] ! * [[request_addon_update|I want a Songbird add-on to be updated in order to work with Nightingale.]] * If you are interested in helping the Nightingale community via porting Songbird add-ons, [[porting_songbird_addons|this]] might help to get you started. * **//If you are looking for 1.8 add-ons you can [[add-ons-1.8|go here]].//**

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