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WhirlyBird 0.1.1

Compatible with Nightingale

  • "1.12" probably
  • "1.11" yes
  • "1.8" unknown

add-on Adds an album art preview media page that is based on the MediaFlow addon originally created by John Marshall. This addon works nicely with the PartyRuffle addon.

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Music & Video, Web Browser

Tagged with album, art, party

By abu


WhirlyBird is similar to MediaFlow but is meant to work nicely with the PartyRuffle addon. Whereas MediaFlow and PartyRuffle didn't work well together, the WhirlyBird addon works well with PartyRuffle.

WhirlyBird doesn't support all of the features offered by MediaFlow. Most notably it doesn't support album grouping. However, WhirlyBird does offer some improvements:

  • Faster, especially when used with larger libraries.
  • Support for fullscreen mode. Use F11 to enter fullscreen mode and ESC or F11 to exit fullscreen mode.
  • The size of the covers can be resized. Use PgUp to increase their size and PgDn to decrease their size.
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