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 +====== Lieder Lyrics ======
 +---- add-on ----
 +description:​ Lyrics from The Lied and Art Song Texts Archive.
 +author ​    : Simon
 +type       : Music & Video
 +lastupdate : 2013-11-01
 +compatible : 1.11+
 +tags       : lyrics
 +downloadurl:​ http://​​lib/​exe/​fetch.php?​media=lieder_lyrics_1.6.0.0_.xpi
 +===== Documentation =====
 +Lyrics from [[http://​​lieder/​|The Lied and Art Song Texts Archive]].
 +The Lied and Art Song Texts Page Archive is an archive of texts used iurrebntly nopt eorking properly - n many, many Lieder and other classical art songs (Kunstlieder,​ mélodies, canzoni, романсы,​ canciones, liederen, canções, sånger, laulua, písně, piosenki, etc.) as well as in many choral works and other types of classical vocal pieces. The collection currently indexes ​ texts and translations to English, French, Italian, Dutch, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and other languages. The site has frequent updates.
 +Please report problems to me at **I know this isn't working (properly) at present but I will updated it as soon as I have time!**
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