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 +====== Scrobbling Support 1.0.4 ======
 +---- add-on ----
 +description:​ This extension differs from the other extension in that it submits your songs to the official client, which is a small program installed on your computer.
 +author ​    : necimal
 +type       : Music & Video
 +lastupdate : 2013-11-01
 +compatible : 1.11+
 +tags       : lastfm,​
 +downloadurl:​ http://​​lib/​exe/​fetch.php?​media=nightingale-alt-scrobbler-1.0.4.xpi
 +===== Documentation =====
 +The client then sends the information to the server, so Songbird doesn'​t need to worry about your login details. This is the way most other media players submit tracks to, and you can open the client to view information on the currently playing track, and love/ban songs.
 +The client also provides support for offline scrobbling. ​
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