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directory browser 0.5.3

Compatible with Nightingale

  • "1.12" probably
  • "1.11" yes
  • "1.8" unknown

add-on browse your music directories directly, without using the the library.

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By Epskampie


Ported by dyedfox

Have you spent a lot of time organizing your music directory, but are the id3 tags not all correct? Do you have a lot of singles, or selfmade compilations? Tired of the music library?

This add-on is meant for you.

Directory browser allows you to directly view the contents of one or more of your local folders, without using the music library.

Usage: Install add-on Press ‘manage directories’ and add one or more of your music folders. Create and/or select a playlist Drag one or more items from the directory browser to the playlist to add them. The items will be scanned, so the first time it can take a while.

Please let me know how you feel about it, and any bugs you run into.

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