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Welcome, this is the place for add-ons, documentation for developers and much more!

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Current projects Who Status
Nightingale 1.12.2/1.13 everybody In progress
Coordinate localization work rsjtdrjgfuzkfg and GeekShadow In progress
Improve the Nightingale feather GeekShadow and Manko10 New mockups in work, Coppery colors in progress
New add-ons page on Wiki GeekShadow Need some tweaking
New Website Freaktechnik In progress
Building Nightingale (2.0) on top of XULRunner 9 johnmurrayvi, ilikenwf and Mook In progress
Building Add-on platform (featherweight) ilikenwf and rsjtdrjgfuzkfg Stalled (need help ?)
Planned projects Who Status
Host Songbird documentation on the wiki Need help ! A backup is available
Host Songbird bugs online Need help ! A backup is available
Desktop and Mobile HTML5 player
Past projects Release date
1.12.1 release January 14th (2014)
Finalize L10n clean & hosting August 27th (2013)
1.12 release April 16th (2013)
CoMETE students projects January 16th - March 12th (2012)
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